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Imagine Harvesting Organic Produce Year Round

Up to 60% of organic produce in the US is imported and suffers significant nutrient loss in transit. Our food chains are struggling to feed us reliably with high quality produce - Growing high-yield and great tasting fresh organic produce year-round, reliably, and locally, is the exciting solution offered by the SLS Grow system. Using our patented Terraponics growing technology offers exceptional benefits over the standard hydroponic growth systems previously available.  But first, it's important to understand what the definition of Terraponics is...   

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Organic, Any Season, Anywhere

Our exclusive vertical Terraponic growing systems are ideal for growing certified organic produce commercially, or Organic quality produce at home – something that hydroponics are incapable of doing…

Locally Produced

Growing high-yield organic crops in controlled, optimized spaces using renewable energy allows local point-of-use growing, which is better in every way for reducing transportation and the use of fossil fuels

Certified Organic

Having produce that can be certified organic because of our patented soil-grown vertical production systems opens interesting possibilities for homeowners looking for passive income opportunities.

Growing In Soil 

Terraponics – definition “a hybrid growing method combining the advantages of hydroponics and traditional soil-growing methods” allowing high-yield production of healthier, more sustainable crops.

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What is Vertical Farming

Produce is not grown as it used to be, with high nutrition and flavor, the preoccupation of bulk producers supplying chain-stores being yield, low-cost and longevity or shelf life as a way to reduce the quantity of food we throw out. We bring quality back to our food with vertical growing solutions that maximize benefits for everyone, placing the farm at your doorstep for added freshness, nutrition and lowering the carbon footprint of our fruit and produce production. This can be in a container, an outbuilding or even a basement for home production of fresh produce and fruits bursting with nutrition.

Superior Grow Volume

By growing tasty and nutritious fruit and vegetable produce under ideal soil-based growth conditions year-round, seasonal harvests are possible;”anythym”. Decide which seasons and harvests should be programmed in the months ahead, and the SLS Grow system produces…

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Highest Nutrition &​ Taste

Welcome to simply better food – grown in the patented SLS Grow Terraponic vertical farming system. We guarantee that plants grown in our vertical farms will taste better, smell better, and yield higher quantities of nutritious crops than hydroponic or aquaponic grow systems…  

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Lowest Operation Cost

Every step in an SLS Grow terraponic vertical growing system is optimized automatically, based on the preferred produce, fruits and rhythm of the vertical farmer where the system is located. Maximizing yield to produce the possibility of passive income is a distinct option…

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The Benefi​ts of Terraponics

Terraponics is a superior growing medium for vertical farming that produces better tasting and more nutritional food than Hydroponics, Aeroponics or Aquaponics – and with our fifth generation patented terraponic vertical growing systems having been optimized by university studies and helped by NASA research, we can prove it ! 

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Seasonal Fruits & Veg without Seasons

Imagine enjoying fresh seasonal vegetables, produce and fruits to organic standards direct from the garden all year round! And, better still, without transporting it halfway around the world and paying a premium or waiting months for it to grow… this is the difference SLS vertical grow systems produce. 

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