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A word from our Founder and CEO, Alex Edwards III 

"When I was first introduced to the SLS Grow concept it was an innovative idea for providing containerized grow centers. It also had proven Terraponics technology combined with other unique innovations that made it ideal for worldwide food production applications as well as growing great produce here at home in the USA.

As we have developed the original idea and added more patented technology to the SLS Grow systems, the original concept has evolved and grown to serve the domestic consumer. With recent events revealing significant flaws in our energy infrastructure and distribution networks, there's never been a greater demand from American families to ensure their food security as well as to improve the quality of their vegetables and fruit, to grow organic year round, and to be able to do it in all climates. This also expands the appeal of SLS Terraponic grow systems across the globe - everywhere that homemakers want to be certain they can provide the best food for their families under virtually any conditions.

What we also discovered is that currently the most expensive part of consumers being supplied with healthy vegetables is their transportation and other carbon-producing uses of farm machinery. The more we looked into this, and realized the advantages that the SLS Grow systems could provide consumers, the more we became excited to have the opportunity to bring the farm to the consumer instead of growing food the traditional way.

Once we developed our patented technologies to get our SLS Grow systems to Net Zero energy, we achieved our first goal - we are ready to go to market and offer these exciting and innovative Terraponic SLS Grow systems to tech savvy growers, families and farmers worldwide."

Meet the SLS Grow Team

Driven by a mutual passion for the best quality produce, grown sustainably in a Net Zero optimized environment - we've come together to build the best Vertical Farming Systems that are Certified 100% Organic!

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